Admission to the College of KyIU

Presentation College
«College of Kyiv International University follows the glorious heritage of executive education in the academic institution well-known far beyond the Ukrainian borders. In modern fleeting world, hundreds of gifted, courageous, self-motivated young men intended to succeed in life on their own acquire sound academic background. The comprehensive work of the KyIU College teaching staff turns yesterday's secondary school students into highly skilled professionals, creators of their concernment».
Vice president of KyIU, professor L.I. Shumygora
Dear graduates of ninth and eleventh grades!

If you dream of committing your life to such fields as law, economics, business, marketplace trading, tourism, journalism, pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, dramatics, construction and civil engineering, if you are willing to work for high goals’ achievement, Kyiv International University’s College is watching for you!

KyIU College is not just an educational institution; it's a small country where all the adult world rules are kept. During your years of study, you will not only be able to obtain a junior degree diploma, to master one or two foreign languages, but take as well an advantage of many other College study opportunities.

College of KyIU
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